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This is the official homepage for the Gesellschaft für Interlinguistik e.V. (GIL – Society for Interlinguistics). Interlinguistics is the study of all facets of international communication. This includes, but is not limited to, political, linguistic, economic, and cultural issues. The focus of our work is on the structures and functions of planned languages (e.g. Esperanto).

As German is the working language of the GIL, the following content is available in German only, unless indicated otherwise.

Check our "Neuigkeiten" (News) page for information on our upcoming conference and on recent GIL developments. Basic information also available in English .

The page "Über uns" (About us) provides information on the organizational structure, the aims and the activities of the Gesellschaft für Interlinguistik. This is also the place to find out how to become a GIL member. Information also available in English .

GIL publishes a newsletter (mainly centred on bibliographical work), "Interlinguistische Informationen" (IntI), which can be accessed on-line here: "Bulletin IntI" .

Read "Jahrestagungen" (Annual conferences) to get a survey of previous GIL conferences and the papers given at them.

The papers presented at the annual GIL conferences are published as "Beihefte zu IntI" (Supplements to IntI). For previous years, they can be found here: "Tagungsakten" (proceedings).